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A delightfully powerful writing suite, carefully designed to streamline your creative process.

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Next-generation personal writer's companion.

Research while you write.

Our powerful search toolbar brings information from around the web, directly to your projects.

Save your searches and access results with a single click.

Extensive thesaurus and dictionary. Tools for research. Tools for references and learning. All together to keep you in flow.

Collect ideas, references, notes.

Our free mobile app and browser extensions send notes and media from around the web and out in the world, directly to your writing environment.

Quickly capture ideas, references, links and media and have them close at hand when you sit down to work. Easily referenced or embedded.

Split Screen for quick reference.

Context switching is mental deadweight.

With StormJournal we put all your reference material alongside your documents, including other documents.

Work in both projects at the same time, or expand the pinned document with a single click.

We also do the basics well.

Writing, rewritten.

Creating can be a messy process, sometimes it should be. But your tools shouldn't contribute to the problem.

We thought very carefully about how to smoothen the rough edges of the creative process. Where are tools part of the problem? How can we eliminate them?

Organisation is freedom.

Create, organise and move between projects with reckless abandon.

Unlimited projects and folder heirarchy. Drag and drop organisation.

Capture those fleeting moments of inspiration.

StormJournal's mobile apps are designed to collect your ideas as you go about life and bring them into your writing, simply and quickly, minimising interuption to your day.
Take notes and upload images then get on with your life. Your notes are waiting for you when it's time to work. That's it. We said simple.

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Browser Extension
  • Right-click anywhere on the web to clip text, links and media or take notes.
  • Attach to your projects and tag for easy search and organisation.

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Unlimited projects, unlimited notes, unlimited searches.

More incredible features on the way, priced at $10/month.

Join us now to lock in at $5/month, forever.

Get all new features as they arrive, same price for you.

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Need more?

Phew, ok. These features are coming soon:

  • Integrations with Google, DropBox + more.

  • Avanced importing, automated exporting and easy publishing.

  • CMS and Social Media Integrations.

  • Offline writing. Auto Sync.

  • Real-time collaboration, document sharing and chat.

  • Tabular data sheets and dynamic data embedding.

  • More writing tools. Sentence analysis, translations, name library + more.

  • Personal Writing Metrics