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StormJournal smooths over the rough edges of the creative process.

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Writing Suite

Crafted by and for writers, our suite combines a bunch of tools in a way that reduces friction in the creative process. Brainstorm, write, access notes, do research and publish your work, all from the one place.

Browser Plugin

Our browser plugin provides our most useful tools to you anywhere on the web and makes it easy to gather references, notes and links for later use in the writing suite.

Mobile App

Capture ideas wherever you are, whenever they strike. Our mobile app is streamlined for capturing your thoughts and filling the well of ideas that will later enrich your writing.

Next-generation personal writer's suite.

Research while you write.

Our powerful search toolbar brings information from around the web, directly into your writing environment.

Improve your sentences by exploring our word-crafting tools, or reference results from Youtube, Wikipedia, Bing, Google Maps +more.

Save your searches and access results from a variety of sources with a single click. Stop drowning in browser tabs and obscure bookmarks.

Collect ideas, references and notes.

Our free mobile app and browser extensions help you gather snippets from around the web and out in the world into a scrapbook, and puts them close at hand when it comes time to write.

Organize by tags and projects. Easily search and reference your notes while writing.

Quickly capture ideas, references, links and media and have them close at hand when you sit down to work. Easily referenced or embedded.

Split Screen for quick reference.

Context switching is mental deadweight. Having your reference material side-by-side with your work helps reduce this friction.

StormJournal lets you pin a second document to the screen, alongside the one you're working on.

Work in both projects at the same time to save moving between tabs.

Writing, rewritten.

Creating can be a messy process, it probably should be. But your tools shouldn't contribute to the problem.

We thought carefully about which options were necessary for frictionless writing, and eliminated the rest.

Our approach has been that less is better, and our uncluttered word-processor is refreshing to use.

Browser Extension.

We took the most useful tools from our writing suite and put them into an extension so you can access them easily, anywhere on the web.

Quickly add snippets of information from any webpage to your StormJournal project scrapbooks.

Any easy way to save information for later reference in your writing or on any other webpage.

Use our powerful word-crafting tools wherever you're doing your writing.

Unlimited use.

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More great features on the way.

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Need more?

Phew, ok. These features are coming soon:

  • Integrations with Google, DropBox + more.

  • Advanced importing, automated exporting and easy publishing.

  • CMS and Social Media Integrations.

  • Headless CMS functionality.

  • Offline writing. Auto Sync.

  • Real-time collaboration, document sharing and chat.

  • Tabular data sheets and dynamic data embedding.

  • More writing tools. Sentence analysis, translations, name library + more.

  • Personal Writing Metrics