Writing Suite

The Suite is our web-based dashboard which serves as your personal writing hub. From here you can work without having to jump in and out of the Suite every time you need to look something up - we bring that functionality into the Suite itself.

That kind of context-switching can be painful and unproductive. It impedes the writer's flow. The Suite is like a quiet little nook that you don't need to leave until you're done.

Log in at http://dash.stormjournal.com


The Editor is our rich-text word processor, for writing and formatting your documents.

When you open a Project, the Document belonging to that Project will be loaded into the Editor.

Editor Documentation


This section contains the powerful features that help keep you in flow while writing.

Here you can use our word-crafting tools, search the web, access all your notes and media, open Documents from a second Project in split-view, store tables of data and more.

Toolkit Documentation


Here you create, open and arrange all your StormJournal projects into folders.

The Organizer is displayed as a sidebar by default, but can be toggled on or off by clicking the button in the Admin Toolbar.

Organizer Documentation

Admin Toolbar

This small panel provides options for managing your work environment. Here you'll find buttons to control your account, projects, settings, and which dashboard sections display.

Admin Toolbar Documentation