Admin Toolbar

This is where you control your account and dashboard settings. You can see the Admin Toolbar here highlighted in green.

The buttons on this toolbar are:

This will open your StormJournal account information into the sidebar.

This will open the Project Organizer[?] into the sidebar.

This will open the settings options into the sidebar.

This will put your dashboard into Sleep Mode, which quickly hides your work and prevents accidental editing.

This will log you out of your account. You can only click this when your work has finished autosaving.

These three buttons correspond to sections of the Writing Suite and are used to display or hide each section.

How to show and hide sections of the dashboard

Our writing suite contains three main sections (Sidebar, Editor and Toolkit), which can be switched on or off as you please.

For example, you might like to only see the Editor, or only see the Toolkit, or show both and just hide the Sidebar.

At the bottom left corner of the dashboard is a small representation of the three sections. The left button represents the sidebar, the middle represents the editor and the right button represents the toolkit.

If a section is to be displayed, it's corresponding button will be highlighted.

1. You can turn a section on or off by clicking the associated column.

For example here we clicked the left column and it hid the sidebar. Click again to reopen it.

2. In this example we then turn off the Toolkit by clicking the right-hand button, leaving only the document editor open (which will now fill the whole screen).

How to create an API Key

When you open the Settings tab, you'll find a widget for creating an API Key.

Once you've generated this key, you'll paste it into the Browser Extension[?] to connect it to your StormJournal account.

1. Open the Settings sidebar by click the cogs button in the Admin Toolbar.

2. Click the generate button to create a key for your account.

3. Click the Show/Hide button to see the key, which you can then copy and paste into the extension.

If you click generate again, it will override your previous key, which will no longer work.

How to go into sleep mode

Sleep mode puts the Suite on pause, hiding your work from screen, helping prevent accidental editing and unnecessary network calls.

The Sleep Mode button is in the administrative controls.

1. Click the button to enter Sleep Mode.

This will cover your Writing Suite.

2. StormJournal will also automatically go to sleep after a period of inactivity (you can set the time period in Settings, as shown below).

How to set the sleep timer

To set the sleep timer, go into settings (the cogs in the left hand sidebar)

1. Set the number of minutes of inactivity before the dashboard goes into sleep mode.

How to log out

To logout simply click the exit icon.

You won't be able to log out until we've finished autosaving your work.