Get thoughts from your head to the page, it's as simple as that.

How to format text.

1. Select the text you'd like to format.

2. Click any of the formatting options to apply to your text.

How to embed media into documents

To add images to your documents, simply click and drag from your Scrapbook[?].

1. Open your Scrapbook and drag the image to the desired position in your document.

Keep in mind, if you've used our browser extension to save an external image to your scrapbook, it is only a reference to someone elses file URL, and could be taken down at any time.

How to get a word count

Word count can be found at the top of each document and updates as you type.

How to save documents

StormJournal automatically saves your work as you go.

1. At the bottom of each document is the save status.

2. You'll notice the Log Out button in the Admin Toolbar[?] becomes disabled while your work is unsaved.