The Toolkit is what sets StormJournal apart from other writing environments. This section is where you access information to use in your writing, without having to leave the dashboard.

  • Find the perfect words with our powerful thesaurus and dictionary.
  • Find information through Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube and Maps.
  • Access all your notes and snippets in the Scrapbook [?].
  • Pin other Documents to the screen so you can see, edit and reference both at the same time.
  • Plus more, with more functionality on the way.


'Searcher' makes it simple to access information from a variety of sources without leaving the Suite. We save all your search terms and results, making them quick to reference again in the future.

Search our powerful word-crafting tools - thesaurus and dictionary, as well as Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing and Google Maps.

Searcher Documentation


This is where you access all the notes, media, links and references that you've collected from our mobile app and browser extension.

Each project has its own Scrapbook.

Scrapbook Documentation

Split View

Split View lets you view and edit two documents side-by-side.

Saves you having to switch between tabs.

Split View Documentation


Options for exporting and sharing your work.

Export Documentation

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Fields lets you create or upload tables of data than can be referenced or embedded within your documents dynamically.

Still in development.

Dynamic Fields Documentation